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Guacapico – Spices, Herbs and Seasonings

Guacapico is a trusted provider of delicious herbs and spices from all over the world. The perfect blend of herbs and spices to compliment your guacamole, salsa and ceviche dishes. Our house blends help to bring out the exotic flavors in fish, chicken, pork, lamb and beef. Try Guacapico brand spices, herbs and seasonings today!

We are committed to blending the freshest and best tasting seasonings in the world. Guacapico has industry leading experience dealing with the highest quality and most reputable growers from around the world. Our products are sourced from raw materials that meet our highest quality, specifications and standards.

It’s easy to revitalize your kitchen and dishes with the variety of tantalizing spices we offer. Guacapico brand seasonings are truly the spice of life, no other brand offers as compete of assortment of flavors. Guacapico takes pride in providing the best overall flavor to customers and integrity with their ingredients. Uniquely, this spice set contains a blend herbs, blends, chilis, and salts that every kitchen craves.

$39.95 a set